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Making of of a spaceship built for a live action short film from Director Jerónimo Rocha.

Model spaceship for a short film
Director: Jerónimo Rocha
Production company: Take it Easy
Client: MOTELx
Conceptual Design: Jerónimo Rocha
Model Making Coordinator: Bruno Caetano
Model Makers: Ruben Botelho, João Faria, Anabela Faria, Simon Griesser, João Rapaz, Jerónimo Rocha, Luís Nunes
Assistant Model Makers: Raquel Sousa, Ana Oliveira, Mário Lucas, Ricardo Antunes, Paulo Silva, Patrícia Guerreiro, Olga José
This construction took place at Salon Alpin in Lisbon. 
Fotos by: Rubén Botelho, Simon Griesser e Jerónimo Rocha.