'Day of the Dead' at Laurel Hill

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  • Day of the Dead event screen printed logo
  • Sign Family: Don't sit on the tombs and directional signage that would be throughout the designated path in the cemetery.
  • Sign Family: Map that would be located at the entrance of the cemetery to show which path to follow.
  • Skull sculpture that would be suspended at the end of our path to appear as it's floating. It would be made of out malleable translucent material so we can have lights in it that would shine through.
  • (LeftUsing flowers to wrap around the arch and columns with our suspended logo to let people know they have arrived.
    (Right)  Day of the Dead proverb in English and Spanish that would be projected inside the archway so people can read it as they enter and exit.
  • Signs in their environment.
  • Sculpture in it's environment.
  • Scaled model of the map, 3/4 and side view.
  • Screen printed shirts with our event logo.