Care for Day Care

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  • For the awarenes campaign 'Kom op voor Kinderopvang (Stand up up for day care)', Studio Jona and Prospektor developped the strategy: what happens if day care doens't exist due to the continious cutbacks? With a viral, posters, infographics and content on facebook, we gathered enough followers within 3 weeks with a range of 40.000 people. And not without succes: the dutch government decided to give back 100 million on the cut backs.
    strategy & guerrilla : Studio Jona & Prospektor
    content & copy facebook: Prospektor
    concept, art direction, brand identity, payoff and infographics: Studio Jona
    director guerrilla movie: Karijn Kakebeeke
    edit guerrilla movie: Studio Meester
    photography: Léon Hendrickx
    styling: Iris Jacobs
    motion graphic: Sara Orfali
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