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Social Media Campaign for boosting awareness about day care in the Netherlands
For the awarenes campaign 'Kom op voor Kinderopvang (Stand up up for day care)', Studio Jona and Prospektor developped the strategy: what happens if day care doens't exist due to the continious cutbacks? With a viral, posters, infographics and content on facebook, we gathered enough followers within 3 weeks with a range of 40.000 people. And not without succes: the dutch government decided to give back 100 million on the cut backs.
strategy & guerrilla : Studio Jona & Prospektor
content & copy facebook: Prospektor
concept, art direction, brand identity, payoff and infographics: Studio Jona
director guerrilla movie: Karijn Kakebeeke
edit guerrilla movie: Studio Meester
photography: Léon Hendrickx
styling: Iris Jacobs
motion graphic: Sara Orfali