Davide Cenci Junior

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  • Introducing Davide Cenci Junior.
  • A new graphic identity for Davide Cenci Junior was needed when Davide Cenci reopened its children’s department just around the corner from the Rome flagship store in Piazza Campo Marzio. So we decided to build on the corporate identity of the brand that is characterized by the graphic signature that we call Sixty-Fifty, which was built by a series of corporate colors: Brown and Orange for man, Brown and Sky-blue for woman. Men and Women are also differentiated by two pictorial pattern inspired by the corporate colors and painted by Alberto Baccari. Those same pictorial patterns are used in every communication from packaging to envelopes.

    For Davide Cenci Junior we introduced a new corporate color: Pastel Green. Moreover to further distinguish the new department, we used a childish handmade typography and introduced a new pictorial pattern.

    More info about the brand, here.

  • Logo Design and Typography:
  • Davide Cenci Junior Pictorial Pattern (Painting: Alberto Baccari):
  • Store sign and doormat:
  • Davide Cenci Brand Identity:
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