David & Goliath // skate deck for Bordo Bello NYC

  • 2029
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  • “Bordo Bello” is an annual skateboard art show hosted by AIGA Colorado, which has worked with more that 1,000 artists to create a collaborative exhibition of skateboard decks in celebration of the colorful Colorado lifestyle.
    This year we are taking the event all the way to NYC to exhibit at the AIGA National Design Center. The exhibit is a unique collection of skateboards from previous “Bordo Bello” events, as well as brand new artwork available for purchase during an opening reception. 
    David & Goliath is the titled of my piece created for this show // Hand cut watercolor paper, backlit LED assembled in a wooden box and embedded in a skate deck // This piece will be on display from Apr 22 and available for silent auction on May 08 at the AIGA National Center, NY.
  • Customized Skate Deck for Bordo Bello NYC with embedded wooden box  and paper cut art.
  • David & Goliath // Backlit