Databook - The border between Poverty and Wealth

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    The border between Poverty and Wealth
  • The ‘Databook’ is the collection of all the research done by me and my fellow students (of the St. Joost master course) into the theme of ‘Poverty and Wealth’. The result is a book that for 90% consists out of infographics dealing with many different themes regarding the theme. These themes range from standard data such as ‘the location of Third World Countries’, ‘the level of innovation in a country’ and ‘flows of immigration’ to more exotic topics such as ‘the amount of orgasms a woman has when having sex with a rich man compared having sex with less “rich” men’ or ‘the top 10 suicide nations throughout the world’. By combining and comparing various topics/themes the book attempts to come up with objective and subjective “results” and possibilities that would otherwise have never been thought of.
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