Hurricane history data visualization

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  • I present to you my Hurricane History Data Visualisation.
  • This is my final design for my Interactive Data Visualization class @ AAU. This was an interesting project to do as I had to do a lot of research to get the complete dataset, analyze it and come up with a way to visualize it.
    I decided to use 2 general visualizations:
    * Number of records on particular location (longitude and latitude) as a heat map, plotted on an equirectangular world map projection.
    * Stacked bar chart with 2 modes accounting the power of the storm event

  • All elements grouped together as an interactive map. If I have the time I would revisit my design and develop the interactivity, as it will be definitely interesting to view how human kind is recording those events. 
  • This is my initial mock I had for the visualization. I thought it would be nice to show you the process. Hope you like it.
    Thanks for scrolling to here!
     If you like this project take a second to appreciate it.
    Have a clear day :)