Darksiders II for iPad (UI Concept)

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  • Darksiders II for iPad (UI Concept)
    Experiment, 2013
  • If Darksiders II (Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii-U) was ported to iPad, what would a screen of UI look like? Darksiders II's original UI Designer Xander Davis creates a re-design concept artistically consistent with the shipped game under time-lapse to explore this possibility.
    Assuming a third-person 3D action-adventure game would use twin-stick emulation, this would place players' grips on the bottom sides of a horizontally-aligned iPad, where gameplay would be primarily conducted with the thumbs. Many 3D action-adventure games on iPad use this control scheme and grip. Thus, a menu should have consistent grip and button layout orientation, and Xander designs the menu as such. Check it out!