EA: Dante's Inferno
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Key art, packaging and marketing campaign for Electronic Art's game Dante's Inferno.
Electronic Art's takes Dante Alighieri's classic 14th century poem and turns it into an intense battle for redemption in the pits of hell.
Working with the talented crew at Cinco Design I helped create not only the primary key art, logo and packaging for the game but over 11 poster sized promotional pieces that showcased the fantastical landscapes and bizarre characters in this macabre game. 
These pieces were created based on the concept art created by the very talented illustrator, Seamus Heffernan who was also working with Cinco Design at the time.
CLIENT: Electronic Arts
AGENCY: Cinco Design
ROLE: Retoucher and co-creative. Responsible for all image creation and retouching.
MEDIA: Retouched photography, photo compositing