Daniel Franck brand book

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  • The brand book was made before the clothing was produced. For this reason it does not show any clothing from the Daniel Franck collection, as it was made as a teaser of what was to come. The book is a tool for sales, to catch the interest of distributors and to be sold at the different shops, with a catalogue of the clothes attached.  

    The book is creating the ”atmosphere” of the brand, and the visuals are referring to the aesthetics of the eighties. Daniel started off as a professional skater in Los Angeles, USA. Back then skating and punk rock was very much connected. The graphics are made as flyers from punk rock bands, using a typewriter, old copier, hand drawing, scissors and glue to give an authentic, rough and personal flare.

    The book was made in cooperation with photographer Marcel Leliënhof.
  • Cover
  • Every book is covered in left over textiles from the garment production, making every cover unique. The cover also comes with different buttons.
  • The spreads are french folded. The inside of the folds are in the brand patterns and colours.
  • French folded pages
  • Spreads
  • A visual index

  • Introduction and stats
  • A collection of some of the awards won by Daniel Franck as a professional snow border. The Viking helmet is from Arctic Challenge.
  • Daniel can easily be distracted, and the drawing is a play on this.
  • When the book binder saw the illustration, he phoned us up and said “someone spilled coffee all over
    your prints…”
  • Spreads from the book