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Adv campaign for Dancity Festival, electonic music Festival based in Foligno, Umbria (Italy).
Art direction, poster design, adv campaign of the italian electronic music and digital art festival based in Foligno. Development of the concept design for every support: magazine and newspaper advertising, web campaign, merchandising production.
Special thanks to Dancity Festival, Sara Presilla, Daniela Innocenzi, Giampiero Stramaccia, Marco Chirico, Eleonora Proietti, Fabio Guglielmi, Come Achille, Melissa Giacchi, Mauro Sensi, Andrea Luccioli.

A3 poster
pics by Eleonora Proietti
Piacere Magazine cover
pics by Eleonora Proietti

Facebook cover
Craig Richards poster @infopoint
Totem @infopoint
Shackleton event totem
Ghostpoet lecture "Words and sounds", foldable flyer
pic by Eleonora Proietti
Ghostpoet lecture "Words and sounds"
A3 poster
Artist Pass 
T-shirt and pass - Serigrafia Come Achille
Volunteer Pass
T-shirt, pins, flyer and poster
pic by Eleonora Proietti