• Dan, Selena and Spoon
    by Jack Radcliffe

  • Daniel Van Allen, Selena and Spoon are at the center of Baltimore's art underground.  Dan lives in Sowebo (Southwest Baltimore), where he has connected two row houses creating a rabbit warren of a dwelling.  His house is packed with such disparate artifacts as found objects, animal skeletons, coconut heads, and other objects from his trips to India and Mexico.  All of these objects become a unified art installation which he calls Visionary Environment.  His pet chicken, Chick-a-pea, lives in Daniel's five connected backyards.  

    You can see Daniel's artwork at http://www.soweboarts.org/danvanallen.html

    Selena is the lead singer in the band Baby Aspirin.  You can listen at www.myspace.com/babyaspirin

    Spoon is  a painter, mixed media and performance artist.  You can see her artwork at www.myspace.com/spobr>