• This cup is an object of protest, designed to make a stand against the continuation of the Belo Monte dam construction. It clearly illustrates what will happen to the forest if we don´t stop Belo Monte now.

    If continued, the Belo Monte dam will submerge 516Km² of precious and pristine Brazilian amazonian rainforest, ruining the local ecological balance and displacing thousands of people who live around the Xingu river region, including native indigenous tribes which have the constitutional right to live there.

    All of this, for a hydroelectric plant which will be productive only during 40% of the year, which is quite bellow the average production of other similar plants in Brazil.

    This cup will be produced to Movimento Gota D'Água, which is bravely fighting against the construction of the Belo Monte dam, and it will be sold to help raising funds and to increase awareness about such an important issue.

    If we don´t stop Belo Monte now, the Brazilian government already has other similar dam projects ready for the amazonian region. 

    So, the name choice for the cup is impressively appropriate for the situation.