Dalliance Design

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  • One of the versions I liked but was later tweaked to fit the client's needs.
  • Given I loved how the lettering turned out I decided to have it animated and thought it would be an interesting idea than just a static image. I intend to do more along these lines in the future but with more swashes and ornamentation.
  • Conceptualising and cleaning up in the initial stages. Seeing what works and what doesn't. The stylised "a" was a challenge and there's still mixed emotions about the "a" from the feedback I received and therefore I decided to an alternative version of the "a" in a slightly different form.
  • Alternative "a"
    This piece was one of the alternatives using a different "a" and it has little to no ornamentation. You could say the client had likes for a plain version as well since it had little distractions.
  • Finalised Artwork with some things cleaned up for more legibility and the ornamentation removed. The ball terminals were given a different highlight, etc.

  • Series of attempts in trying to capture femininity in the lettering. I had some fun working on this non-uniform style  since I hadn't tried lettering like this before this project.
  • Initial Mockup Sketches (Pen n Ink)
  • Arrow
  • Series of attempts in trying to incorporate the arrow into the D in the most legible manner without completely disturbing the D's elegance. Dalliance and the arrow have similar connotations, Cupid perhaps?