Dairy and Products Logos

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  • Congo Dairy logo
  • In this briefing job, it was requested to create three logos:
    - to dairy industry;
    - to cheese;
    - to milk;
    Since the beginning of the creation process, I thought I would develop them fully vector, to increase my knowledge and skills in this action.
    I proposed the idea of ​​handmade label, with ornaments and limited color palette.
    - The logo of dairy, I thought in the natural product, with the freshness of the field, sunrise and segment of basic products (cheese, yogurt, and milk).
    - The logo of the milk, I wanted to pass the idea of ​​purity of the product, working with the colors white and blue with their tones.
    - The logo of the cheese, I gave an illustration with ornaments and the look of 'retro label'. The ornaments represent the taste and odor, leaving the product.
    I also made a limited color palette.
    Where such types, each has its own logo, highlighting the idea of ​​handmade product.
    Once developed the logos, I made an application in their respective products for presentation to the client.