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  • Dagebüll
  • Dagebüll is located at the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein in the Nordfriesland district, Germany. The Dagebüll area used to be a tiny Hallig island, in 1626 it measured about 450 hectacres. In the 16th and 17th century, several futileattempts were made to secure the area with dikes. It was impossible though toshut off all tidal creeks at once. At the Burchardi flood of 1634, Dagebüll suffered from agreat loss of land. In 1700, the inhabitants were granted a profitable charter, which allowed for the construction of aregular dike in 1702/1703. The new Dagebüll polder amounted to 502 hectacresand relatively to the old Hallig, it was considerably shifted to the east. In1704 a dam was built to connect the Dagebüll polder to the Old ChristianAlbrechts Polder. By the creation of the Kleisee Polder in 1727, Dagebülleventually became part of the mainland.