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Two animated Daft Punk helmets.
I've always been a huge fan of all things Daft Punk.
Instagram's latest update allows you to post 15 second videos. I asked myslef, how can this work for me? I’m not an animator so I scratched ‘making awesome animations’ of my bucket list. I do love GIF’s (basic animation) so I decided to create me an awesome GIF to put this video feature to good use. I’m a huge fan of Daft Punk so I animated one of their exquisite helmets.
I spend a few hours working out this one helmet and posted on my Instagram. Turns out this was something my followers could appreciate and it hit over 1000 likes in two hours. Not bad.
Since my insomnia kicked in, I decided to not single out one member of the duo and created the second helmet right away. I upped the stakes by syncing the lyrics from Technologic to the GIF I wanted to make. Spent a few hours figuring out all those mathematic calculations and designing it. This is the result.