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Communications, Branding, Environment
The DesignExchange (DX) is Canada’s only museum dedicated exclusively to the pursuit ofdesign excellence and preservation of design heritage. Located in downtownToronto in the historic and original Toronto Stock Exchange building, the DXannually attracts thousands of visitors of all ages.

As of March,2012 the Design Exchange is operating under a revitalized and refined mandate-- to promote the relevance of design to as large a number of people as possible,covering off the various design disciplines including product, fashion, architecture,interior and industrial design, digital design and more.

Shauna Levy, President of the DX recently approached BMD to design communicationmaterials for the DX’s annual fundraiser gala - DX Intersection. Supporting DX youth educationprograms, the gala is one of Toronto’s biggest annual charity events of theyear.

For this project, BMD created a vibrant collage to communicate the new mandate ofthe Museum, showing the role beautifully designed everyday objects play in ourlives: from inspiration, to creative tools, to products. Images intersect and overlapto creating a pattern, which will be applied to different materials and media,from invitations to web to environments. The design is flexible and can be asloud or subtle as needed. Like the event itself, it’s fun!

The gala took place on November 16th, 2012, with over 1200 people in attendance the event has been called the 'best Toronto gala of 2012'.