• DVS Shoes
    Custom Painted Sneakers
  • At the 'Peace & Love festival 2011' in Börlange/Sweden, there was a SecretWars battle, wichwhere I was battling against Malmø and London with my partner Mr. Miedo. During this event, eachof us also custom painted a pair of DVS shoes for DVS shoe wich is to be sold on an auction pretty soon.This whole art part of the festival was arranged by Framkonst in association with Hollywood store. 
    These are my pair of custom painted shoes.

    Shout outs to: - Mr. Miedo - Vibes, RT -  Alfa - S.I.C - Pistolina -- Daniel Wakeham - Pierre Nordberg - Andrew Kelly - - Johannes Lindgren - Magnus Kalitzki -- ZEPS - Cecilia Andersson - Robin Börk - JTMS9- SecretWars - Framkonst -- DVS Shoes - Hollywood.se - ___