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    DVO Suspention is a new brand specialised in mountainbike suspensions, with an allstar team of highly experienced professionals from throughout the industry.
    I've had my eye on them and their exceedingly fast ascension and flawless development, but I found the overall "modest" graphical appearance to be unflattering for such a promising brand in the long haul.
    Therefore, finding the time to take on the challenge, I came up with what I like to think is a more fitting look for the future needs and overall graphical challenges that the company might face in the future.
    I've set up on working on a "spring" feel, as a reminder of their tool of the trade. Begining with simple, two-dimensional shapes, we reach an isometric, somewhat escheresque compilation of the brand's initials, layed out in an uniform composition with both two, and three-dimensional ways of looking at it.
    Put side by side with their products' names - Jade and Emerald - the shapes themselves are reminiscent of the symbolic, geometric shapes of such minerals.
    Type to match
    Everyone gets a story. The initials are the exact shape of the logo, adapted to the chosen font.
    The wavy curve gives suspention a certain "floatyness", highlighting the motions involved in the process.
    The combinations between the color tones, the typeface and the icon are limitless, making the elements  adaptable and interchangable to some degree.
    The application of the identity is natural and intiutive, and gives way to numerous approaches within its shape.
    Following the path created for the previous versions, a handwritten version was only a couple attemps short of emerging.
    Mild practice led me to be able to physically sign the logo, as one would use his or hers own signature.
    It gives the brand a personal touch, in a multitude of pixel displays and printed materials, needing only a pen for implementing.
    An idea the validity of which I'd like to see confirmed or countered, with this identity or another.
    I'd love to get the time to continue with stationery and other applications, but for now this is where I draw the line.
    Again, this project is purely fictional and holds no official association with DVO Suspention.
    Photo credits, © DVO Suspention.
    Make sure to check out their products, a total of over 80 years of experience was put into an inverted double-crown fork, a rear shock and an enduro version of the fork for later this year if I'm not mistaken, so eyes open for the fresh meat.