DVIDE | Student Project | 2012

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  • DVIDE is a therapeutic recreation center that gives teenagers a safe haven from their anxiety, depression and addiction disorders that are only heightened by their Internet/technology overuse. It is clinically proven that white matter in a teenagers brain does not work properly after continued Internet/technology use, similar to how drug and alcohol addiction affects the brain. White matter is the catalyst that helps neurons communicate with each other. Some products of these miscommunications can cause disruption in the proper handling of emotions, self-control, and decision-making skills.
    The solution to this ever-increasing 21st century problem is DVIDE. DVIDE is an in-patient center that brings teenagers with similar problems together to work on team-building activities and play physical sports that will get them moving. It will literally divide their 2 dimensional worlds and their 3 dimensional worlds. As teens win competitions they are given rewards consisting of fun social events with their team. Grilling outside, watching outdoor movies, and going water skiing and tubing in a close-by lake are some of the prizes these teenagers are going to partake in. The events and the dorm-like atmosphere will act as networking devices for teens to make friends and overcome their anxiety, depression and addictions.

    Dvide provides the facility, therapists, events and friendships that can last a lifetime. In order to be approved for the program teens will need to be evaluated by their school therapists and our DVIDE specialists. Don’t let your teen succumb to the pressure of everyday life, monitor their Internet/technology use, and call DVIDE if your family needs a new spin on handling a deep-rooted problem.
  • The senior show needed a vinyl cut logo displayed in front of the gallery. Working in a print shop paid off as I was able to cut, weed, and apply the "etched glass" DFIX logo.
  • I was in the signage group for the DFIX senior show 2012. After printing out are large vector graphics (designed by the DFIX branding group), we came up with creative placement in high traffic areas to help drive students, faculty and the public to our senior show.