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Concept and design for a journal of psychogeography & Situationist thought, using a single colour & typeface.


A Journal of Psychogeography & Situationist Thought
Cover of DRIFT No. 1. Image of New York writer Paul Auster by French stencil artist Jef Aérosol.
DRIFT No. 1 table of contents. Since DRIFT is a special-interest journal, a two-page spread has been used...something unlikely to occur in a commercial publication given the advertising value of the adjacent page.
Opening spread featuring proto-Situationist Ivan Chtcheglov's anti-modernist manifesto "Formulary for a New Urbanism", in which he eviscerates Modernist architect Le Corbusier.
A two-page article reprinted from a 1958 issue of Internationale Situationniste.
Feature article on Situationism in rock music, connecting Guy Debord and the 1968 Paris student revolt with punk, post-punk, acid house, and dance culture.
Second spread from Situationism in Rock feature article.
Final spread from Situationism in Rock article, with sidebar "How to Talk Like a Situationist".
First spread of an article on civil society's integration into the hyper-rationalist grid of what the author refers to as the "Imperial infrastructure".
Opening spread featuring Guy-Ernest Debord's essay on the theory of the "Dérive", which is a psychogeographic concept translating into English as "Drift"...hence, the title of the journal.