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a personal 3d project focused on lighting, texturing, rendering and post production of a model
A personal 3D/post-production project focused on texturing, lighting and rendering for postproduction.
Software of choice: c4d + vray + PS
Work progress and breakdown available below:
PART 1: geometry preparations for lighting and texturing.
PART 2: HDRI lighting the wireframe model.
*Comment: standart lighting came out of the plan, becouse i did not get them to work properly defining the naturalistic colouring.
PART 3: Enabling Global Illumination to get more realistic shading.
PART 4: Texturing and tweaking lighting and GI to get the desired look and feel.
PART 5: FINAL RENDER. Imported to photoshop to tweak the color grading and additionals like simulating depth of field adding noise grain, and a slight vignette effect on the final shot.
Original shot size: 2200x1200px