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  • DRAGON GATE = 龍門
  • [鯉躍龍門]Carps Jumping over the Dragon Gate is a legend handed down in China for generations.
    Because be in China, almost everybody Dou Meng is thinking a carp to jump dragon door. 
    Thus carp can be raised to the sky, or it will be crushed at Longman. 
    Later on , people use this expression to refer to the successful candidates in the imperial examination. Careerism!
    Chinese coffin = Careerism                                                                                                                  
     Limited package
     [ 限定版包裝。俗語道“食在廣州,穿在蘇州,玩在杭州,死在柳州。”充滿了升官發財寓意的包裝,以楠木為素材的製品。 ]
  • Assembled skateboard [组板]