DRAFT - Kenbrook Home Page

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  • Hello All, I'm really looking for feedback on this project. This is a draft for a client that I'm sharing with their approval. I presented it the other day as a draft for the home page of their new site, for which I'm in charge of redesigning. The client really likes the draft and wants to move forward with this design.

    This page will obviously set the tone for the rest of the site in terms of aesthetics. There are areas that are still up for development, but the whole point is that I'd like to get some feedback from other designers. You can feel free to say anything - I won't take offense (unless you are trying to :). One thing in particular I'm looking for feedback about is potential development problems. I'm only doing front end design, not any development. I'd like to know what development problems you see.


    4/6/09 UPDATE - I'm updating this project with the most recent draft of the home page, much of which has changed since the original. It was approved by the Client, and we are now working on developing internal pages. This version will serve as a template for the rest of the site. I won't be posting any more images until the site is launched. Thanks to everyone for your feedback so far.