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Toy/case furniture for children
Dondolo8 comes from the idea for your baby to enjoy playing at home,like feeling of being into a playground.
Dondolo is an simple toy, though always enchanting the children; this time it also catches mums and dads attention,since Dondolo8 becomes a magic container of many little toys: it is a cute solution to tidy up the room for parents who never know where to store all children toys. 
The baby can use this 'chest of treasure' either discovering or hiding his pretious toys; he can read his favourite tales seating on it or literally rock by himself or together with a little friend.
The design of the toy is essential and pure; on its back a 'smile 8bit' carved on the wood is a decorative profile which, thanks to the infinitive phantasy of the children, becomes a window to look the world through or an hole to pass the toys accross.
Dondolo8 is made of 100% recycled materials: the principal body and back of the toy are in birch veneer, natural finishing, while the seats/doors and the internal part of the silhouette are lacquered.
Colours will catch the eye of the children with their pop style (vivid pink/light blue, lime green/orange yellow/.…..) to be chosen according to users need.
The maximum amount of space of Dondolo8 is.... and dismounted dimension is...
Let's start then! Have a good time boys and girls!!