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"DOMINO MAG" is a two sides music magazine about two bands from opposites genres. In this issue Kraftwerk vs. Jefferson Airplane.
"DOMINO MAG" is a two sides music magazine about two bands from opposites genres.
In this issue we talk about German electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk
and Jefferson Airplane, 60's psychedelic rock band
We can find intro, textures, artwoks and handmade album packaging for each band. 
The aim is explain with colours, lettering and textures the band's genre 
by using a unique style for the whole magazine. 
You can choose from which side wanna start the reading, just turn the mag.
Artwork featured in the Kraftwerk's side.
 I made the lettering with iron wire, then edited in Photoshop. 
Covers and some pages from the magazine.
On some pages, there is a part with holes where you can see the next page,
a detail, like the eye of the rabbit below.