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    Resort & Spa
  • The issue: Naïade, a Mauritian hotel group, is opening a 5-star hotel in the Maldives.

    The role of the agency: Establishing a strategy for the brand (identity and communication): Giving the project identity (brand + brand world), Translating that creatively, running that throughout the establishment, devising communication strategies: Working on how communication should be axed and what images should be used.
  • Every aspect of a hotel, every single accessory, is designed to reflect the identity that has been selected, combining both functionality and aesthetics. And then the brand begins to exist.
  • Barthroom amenities & Matchbox
  • Uniforms
  • PURE, one of the 8 restaurants of the resort. There is always the same logical thinking involved: brand consistency that features the brand’s assets and diversity.
  • INFINITY SPA has its own themes and elements but always with the same prerequisites in mind: brand consistency and the need to provide the appropriate guest brand experience.
  • The creation of tailor-made marketing tools: In this country, which is barely one metre above sea level, there are vast, almost infinite perspectives but in a horizontal format. The Maldives are 360˚ of magical scenery and infinite beauty.
    The brochure and the photographic style reflect this by using wide-angled photographs.
  • ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN: "Long-cherished dream: feeling unique."