• So the brief was to Research, Develop, Consider the layout and finally Produce my Design Manifesto. I’m really excited about this brief this wasn’t something I was a wear off in the Identity of a design. This is going to be amazing and is just going to top off and be a welcomed addition into my own designer identity.

    + FIANLS

    At the moment I'm in the middle of doing massive amounts of commission work. Including another identity for 'ASA' (MR Slatford) and also doing the magazine for the 'Style Birmingham Show' for a print of over 2 thousand. So after all this my portfolio is going to be huge on here keep watching.

    Comment could do with feedback to always improve?! 

  • The SS(screen shots above this are the begins of what was experimentation. You don't know how long it took me to create each tiny element on it amazing stuff guys! A real brainy narrative.
  • I was more than certain on the colour from the start but as always my work is always colourful I always go back and look at my amazing colour options. I have to say as well make really funky looking colour swatch designs! 
  • ghjkl