• Design Heroes
  • Shigeo Fukuda, Jonathan Barnbrook, Michael Johnson, Louise Fili, Simon C. Page, and Moshik Nadav.
    These are some interesting quotes from the designers:
    "Shigeo Fukuda
    Jonathan Barnbrook
    "I never design anything that conflicts with my aesthetics or interests." - Louise Fili
    Simon C. Page
    "When you want people to really think about design in a more abstract sense, It's better if you show them what wrong design looks like." - Michael Johnson
    "One can get inspiration from people - the way they talk, the way they walk, even the subtle way they hold and/or present themselves." - Moshik Nadav
    This project was a collaboration with:
    Artya Chamiastri, Elfira Yunus, Erwin Yovianto, and Ivanna Cerelia Suryo.