• Design Days 2013
    A platform of meetings and exchanges about design and contemporary design, the Design Days held their 5th edition in Geneva, Switzerland. The main goal of the event is to spread and promote the culture of design in Switzerland to the general public and professionals.
    A3 Studio was commissioned to achieve overall communications of the Design Days 2013.
    The poster is mainly composed of typographic elements. The geometric shapes of the backgroundcreate the name of the event « Design Days » – which appears in a second reading. The poster tends to engage the public with its bright color and results in an intriguing visual decoding game discovered gradually and thereby imprints strongly in the viewer’s mind.
    The illustration showcases the fundamental basis of design with the use of pure geometrical shapes.
    The mass produced design is also symbolized by the serial duplication of letters / forms. The text
    follows the forms’ movement of the background in a precise and dynamic construction.
    The poster is printed in three colors; copper, neon yellow and black.
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