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  • — Art Direction, Website Design & Ad Campaign.
  • Dentical is an Advanced Dentistry studio located in the city of Monterrey Mexico. Its name is derived from the term "Identical", as symmetry is the ultimate manifestation of human intervention in nature. Thus, Dentical considers its staff not just mere dentists but Dental Aestheticians; individuals that will redesign your smile to whatever your heart desires.

    Singular developed Dentical's brand from scratch. Naming, logotype, print, website, photography & media campaign all reflect a certain decadence 
    in its roots. Vintage but new, natural but geometric; the concept behind the project permeates throughout. Anti-mimetic in nature, the Dentical brand image has a unique voice. We are sure that it will find its rightful place in the dental arena.
  • The Dentical logotype. Sublime and sophisticated, it speaks for itself.
  • Hubert Jocham's  was selected for the construction of the main wordmark, while H&FJ's  has been used as auxilary typeface due to it's extensive repertoire.
  • The color palette used is quite unusual for a dental project. Deep browns, cream & gold were selected in order to transmit richness & opulence.
  • The Dentical pattern is as sublime as it its attractive. Crude version shown.
  • Logotype applied in color against deep brown pattern / print. The delicate balance between elements creates strong brand presence.
  • Stationary elements include business cards, letterhead, Advert CD envelope, RX pads & CD stickers.
  • Stationary elements, birds-eye view.
  • The Dentical CD envelope functions as an unique way to communicate the brand's essence.
  • We can fully appreciate the look & feel of Dentical's design line on its CD Envelope. Warm and full of texture.
  • The Dentical Business Cards.
  • The campaign consists of full front facial shots that have been "mirrored" to achieve a dramatic symmetric look.
  • The website's information architecture is concise and effective. Everything you need to know about Dentical you can find here.
  • Dentical's mission statement. Feel free to take a look.
  • Dentical's print ad. Male version.