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  • DEKA Clothing Brand
    Logo and Poster Design
  • DEKA is a high fashion New Zealand made and designed label, which offers an eclectic collection of pre-loved clothing and accessories. DEKA selects and recreates each unique piece with a style that is innovative and edgy. DEKA entices fashionable individuals aged 18-25 who aren't defined by obvious trends, but who venture out for unique pieces with personality. DEKA strongly values originality and provides their audience with one-off exclusive designs with the quality that stands strong in the market.

    This project involved recreating the old 'DEKA' brand name into something new. The brief was to create a logo for the new brand and a poster to advertise.

    The typographic logo fits well alongside other current high fashion labels in New Zealand. It has the unique edge of cutting areas away from the letters to represent the idea of DEKA's pre-loved clothing being cut up and remade into a new garment. The posters were designed to be simple, using photographs to show off the clothes and the large logo to make an lasting impact on the audience. 

    Photos provided by Frederico Martins
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