Part 1: 2001
  • In 2001 I was lucky enough to get my first magazine photography feature. It was 'Legends in Their Lunchtime' for dSIDE magazine.
    The subjects were Ireland's up and coming talent at the turn of the 21 century. Ireland was an economic dervish and felt unstopable, this energy fed an effervescence into new talent. It was this talent I photographed every month it was great to be around people who were swimming with such excitement and I hope their creativity fed into the images. For me, all good portraits are colaborations. The portraits featured musicians, artists, actors, business men, film makers, writers, sportspeople and many more.

    Ten years later Ireland is a very different place and I am revisiting as many of the same subjects to see where the intervening decade has taken them. This work is ongoing and to be completed in 2011. 

    Part 2: 2011 will be exhibited in 2012.

    This was my first regular feature and the editor Melanie Morris gave me complete freedom to make the images I wanted and learn in the process. Talk about Trust.

  • Eoin McCue, Artist.
  • Ben Jackson, Music Promoter.
  • Camille O'Sullivan, Singer and Actress.
  • Cathleen Bradley, Actress.
  • Colin Rush, Artist.
  • DJ Ted, DJ
  • Eamon Morrissy, Industrial Designer.
  • Elaine Crowley, News presenter.
  • Kirsten Sheriden, Film Director
  • Leagues, TV presenter.
  • Roy and Justin Carroll, Jazz Musicians.
  • Siofra O'Donovan, Writer.
  • Tiernan and Daniel, IndiPen.
  • Windmill Lane Special FX.