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    Datera SA is a technology company (software house), which specializes in creating telecommunication and IT solutions. It produces: next generation of carrier-class telecommunications platforms based on IP, the IP telephone PBX for enterprises, as well as dedicated, "tailor made" solutions for the implementation of selected services provided in the cloud on a massive scale. 

    Datera solutions are characterized by high reliability and availability of services, ease of integration with other ICT systems and the simplicity in the management and configuration. The flexibility of the company's technology allows the creation of modern and unusual systems and solutions, and comprehensive approach ensures high quality maintenance and development systems in place. 

    As a company, Datera is open to various forms of cooperation and partnership. In its activities it is using both standard and unconventional business models. Extensive consulting is a continuous element of cooperation with Partners. 

    Since 2003, that is, from the very beginning, Datera systematically develops its own technical department. Currently it employs 40 specialists full-time, including software developers, telecommunications engineers
    and system administrators. This is one of the strongest teams of professionals in the field in this part of Europe, that consistently accumulate the experience and know-how within the company. Thanks to that, all Datera systems are designed and manufactured within the company and are its property. This advantage makes Datera extremely flexible and able to adapt solutions to even the most sophisticated client’s need. 

    Currently, Datera’s systems are used by 6 major Polish carriers, hundreds of companies and institutions,
    and nearly seven hundred thousands End Users.

    We were asked to create set of 60 custom made, isometric icons.