DASH presents FORSHKA: A New Kind of Nesting Doll

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  • DASH Company presents FORSHKA
  • DASH Company is a company founded by my classmates and during a one-year entrepreneurial course in our second year in business school. One of our products was FORSHKA, a customized Russian nesting doll. Our original idea was to come up with a design-your-own Russian nesting doll or so-called a set of nesting doll that portrays your family or friends. So instead of drawing typical Babushka (Russian traditional lady), we will draw each of your family members or friends onto each doll. However, the execution of the drawing did not go like what we expected. Therefore we changed the concept into presenting a template-based nesting dolls with two main categories: (1) public awareness; and (2) traditional costumes.
  • A set of nesting dolls that illustrate our client and her friends.

  • A set of public-awareness nesting dolls: Global Warmingedition. Above: Penguin characters as the front side. Below: Message “StopGlobal Warming Now!” as the back side.
  • A set of cultural edition: a Javanese family wearing Javanesetraditional clothes. This set won a “best product” award in 2009 INACRAFT, the Indonesia’sannual biggest commercial art expo.