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"Glimpse" Exhibition is designed to raise awareness about the Earth's environment in a new and exciting way. "Glimpse" is a major second semeste… Read More
"Glimpse" Exhibition is designed to raise awareness about the Earth's environment in a new and exciting way. "Glimpse" is a major second semester project for my BDes Design and Digital Arts course. I was tasked with creating a new fresh interactive exhibition and doing it on the environment was my choice. Currently the advertisement and supporting material is only up due to this being uploaded as I work on it. The exhibition concepts will be uploaded within a few weeks. I chose to go on a more technological approach. We have gotten to the point that most people carry iPhones, Android phones or generally some form of smartphone. So like my "Branded" project i used QR codes to get a map to the museum (under the reverse graffiti posters) and to gain access to the "Glimpse Media App". I chose to use reverse graffiti as my poster idea's because it basically is helping the environment due to it not needing hardcopy prints. The stencils themselves have different dates, 2012, 2016 and 2020. As you go around Edinburgh, you will notice the form of "countdown" hopefully sparking an interest to scan the QR. Work in progress atm. 3D models and images still to come. Read Less

project one ~ semester two
"Glimpse" the name of my exhibition I am designing for the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.For a university project ofcourse.
Ticket design for the exhibition. 
One of only two hardcopy items available.
Leaflet design.
Only handed out to those without smartphones.
Plaque and Glimpse Media App.
As it's an exhibition based on the environment, using less hardcopy items is a must.
Interactive pad.
To be used throughout the exhibition, as a way to interact with the environment and also gain information from the environment.
Reverse graffiti poster one.
Reverse graffiti poster two.
Chandelier Concept;When someone touches the first sphere, the dull, decayed ones start to flourish with colour.
Interactive Screens:
Built to be used with the Glimpse Pad, these screens stay in a frosted state until someone interacts by placing the pad against the screen.
User will then be able to pull items from the screen to the pad.
The Corridor:
Designed to make people feel claustrophobic and disorientated whilst navigating through the exhibition.