DACS Episodes - The Broken Ones

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  • Designers Against Child Slavery 'Episodes'
    This is my submission to the DACS Exhibition 'Episodes'. My picture fits into the Enslavement category because This piece is an expression of Rape and how it breaks the victim into pieces. We humans are like glass, we are very fragile, both physically and mentally, and Rape and abuse can completely shatter our psyche and emotional state. I tried to represent this very viscerally and quite literally with the glass and the shattering trying to make it very realistic. The separation of the glass reflects the idea that the victim can become separated from reality and can be consumed by the painful memories of the incident and the overwhelming guilt that they can face.
    "Designers Against Child Slavery is a Design Collective that enables creatives from all over the world to rise up against the sex trade. We want to see how effective artists can be when they start breaking the boundaries of culture, race, religion, and backgrounds to unite for a just cause, and use their unique styles and talents to give a voice to the voiceless.We are a group of artists with a passion for making a difference in our world. We leverage our unique gifts and styles to produce artwork, to raise awareness of the injustice of sex trafficking and inspiring others to use their talents to impact the world around us."
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