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    I have been invited by DACS United to take part in their upcoming new exhibition called "Episodes".Each invited artist has been assigned to illustrate one of three possible episodes in the life of a sex trade victim.My episode was No.2, called "Enslavement".(V1= Red-Black V2= Yellow-Black)

    The name of the new DACS exhibition is "Episodes". This exhibition is all about telling the story of a trafficking victim, through our art work. So we will be literally illustrating the "Episodes" of a victims story.
    I decided to illustrate the moment a sex-trade victim is being abused in the dark, by yet another group of unknown men. I wanted the dark forces behind such an event to be name- and faceless, so I chose to work with sceleton heads as a symbol for death and destruction. The imagery is kept in a negative / x ray-look to point out that these scenes are usually happening in a hidden place, and are being kept secret, away from the public eyes.
    for both viewing and supporting Designers against child slavery on their important mission.www.dacsunited.com
    Christoph Ruprecht: