DA NICOLA murals 1 & 2
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murals for an italian restaurant
Da nicola murals 1 & 2
2 of 3 murals done for an italian restaurant
Da nicola is a famous italian ristorante in Madrid, Spain.
Recently they go to the interior design studio Mostaza Design
for a complete re-design of one of their restaurants. 
They asked me to do 3 big (very, very big) murals for their project that will be done in 3 parts.
The first mural is 1,5x10 meters long and is now open to the public
The second is 1,5x14,5 meters long and will go in the next part to be rebuild
and....I´m begining to paint the third one, the longest of all  ; )
real photo of mural 1 in the restaurant
render of the project with my artwork for mural 2
mural 2 "the kitchen"
1,5 tall x 10 meters long
some details...
the character in the center is the owner of the restaurant
mural 1 "mediterranean street and market"
1,5 tall x 14,5 meters long
some details...

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