• Concept Artists: Dang Hai Ha, Nguyen Duy Anh
    Art Direction, Motion Design: Dang Hai Ha
    This was a 1min spot I did for Sy Phu, an asian Vietnamese restaurant.
    In general, the name of the spot was " Only Gods Live Without Foods ".
    Basicly the Client gave me 5 things to put in the spot.
    1. " Only God survive without food "
    2. " Eat Deliciously "
    3. " Eat for Strength"
    4. " Eat for the Beauty"
    5. " Ways to Eat "
    So I divided it into 5 scenes
    The first one, I set the statue like a God live freedomly.
    The secont one, in order to show the delicious and healthy of the food, I made the Chef fly during the cooking time. He needed to be high when he is working.
    On the third, I described the Strength of Healthy food. The man with good food, he could handle all the presures from life, just light like the balloons.
    With the fourth one, I tried to described the meaning of Beauty through the slowly wind.
    The last one, I use the scale image. Well the most important in eating and food is balance.
    Finally, Their logo appeared to show that their service have all the solutions for the things above.
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