D&AD music interpretation

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  • D&AD Music Interpreta
  • Choose a band or artist and create an illustrated response inspired by three of their tracks. In doing so, you will be demonstrating your vision of a new world of illustration in music.

    Rationale: The artist Pink has been chosen for this project. Because she, as well as her music, is very rebellious, a ‘rebel’ kit has been made for the audience, so that they can truly experience the rebelliousness of Pink’s music. The kit portrays the true nature of being rebellious; that is to resist the things that steal your true identity, by being outspoken, individualistic, and strong in your beliefs.
  • Kit outside. 8 panels. Ponies around the box represent a carousel because of Pink’s carnival themed songs. The ponies are mutilated to show an act of rebellion.
  • The 8 panels around the box, flat.
  • The cd containing P!nk's music fits in the round shape on the lid.
  • Box inside, containing a hammer, poster, spraycan, stencils, studs, tattoos, band-aids and ‘throwing rocks’
  • Band-aids for bumps and scratches during your rebellious experience.
  • Rocks to throw while rebelling
  • Tattoos to label yourself a who you are and not caring what people think
  • Hammer to use in case of frustration
  • Spraycan and stencils of three monkeys: see evil, speak evil, hear evil. This enforces the idea of speaking your mind and not keeping quiet because of the fear of judgement.
  • The poster inspires the audience to go against the stereotyped beauty, and be proud if they don’t fit in with the croud. Type has been sprayed on.
  • Detail of studs.
    Extra studs are available inside the box.