• Peace Is In Our Blood
  •  Phase One
  • Phase one is about communicating the ideology that blood is something that connects us all and can be used as a tool for peace. Examples are given as bill- boards but it could work in any format, the message is what is important. It could translate in to any form of advertising; print, digital or broadcast based.

    At this stage it’s not getting the public to mobilize for peace it’s introducing the idea of what peace could be. This advertising would run for six weeks over different mediums.
  •  Phase Two
  • Phase two furthers the notion that peace is in our blood by showing the giving of red items. The giving of a red item represents the fact that we’re made up of the same substance and we should put whatever has happened in the past behind us and move forward to a positive future. These items could be given to anyone, especially between people who are not at peace, from a small argument to all out war.

    These first set of posters show examples of everyday items that can be given to symbolize a gesture of peace, but items have no restriction, they could be anything red.
  • Further advertising showing the giving of more obscure items to promote the notion that anything red can represent the gesture of peace, big or small it represents peace all the same.

    The two types of items would be run alongside each other for a further six weeks up to Peace Day, which is when the items are exchanged.

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