D&AD Student Awards 2013 Photography - Dazed & Confused

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  • The Brief
    Create a portrait of contemporary youth.

    Creative Challenge
    Is culture drowning in a sea of visual mediocrity? Are truly iconic images devoured and disregarded in a relentless and unstoppable stream of click-consumption? In 10 years, which images from today will stand the test of time? Which will define our generation?
    Dazed & Confused magazine want you to create your own portrait of contemporary youth. A single image that will be just as relevant in a decade. An image that captures this period of time, with determination and attitude.
    Shoot your friends, your peers. Capture reality, fantasy, people with interesting stories, people with great ideas. Something real. Avoid the clichés. Seize the chance to define the visual language of your world in 2012/13.
    My Rationale/Supporting Information
    As the youth of today struggle to find work in today's climate, individuals often find themselves questioning whether their hard effort is really going to make a difference to their lives. Their chosen career paths and goals in life then become blurred as they are left without a focus in life.

    In this photograph I wanted to represent these constant thoughts of worry and stress through the blurred anonymity of two figures in the dark, against the dream of a lighter place in the future.