• Aurora Whisky Concept
  • Brief
    Create packaging for a 21st Century Scotch Whisky brand that challenges category convention and rituals and appeals to an international female consumer. The Scotch whisky packaging category is steeped in a rich history of codes and imagery. Almost all of the brands we are familiar with started way back in the 1800's and most still echo that historical period in their physical manifestation.

    There is an overt theme of masculine prowess, 'heather and weather,' ancient castles and a world of 'glens' and 'macs' of conservative traditions. But what could an authentic, modern Scotch Whisky look like in 2012?

    Aurora is a modern Blended Scotch Whisky aimed at an international female market. The background of the Whisky is based on the Aurora Borealis, or more commonly known as the Northern Lights. This title was fitting for the brand due to the amazing colour and emotion of the lights.
    Note: This design of the bottle is not designed by myself but was the exact shape I was looking for as this was a student project that was all about the branding and the outer package.