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A large scale painting inspired by cathedrals visited in the Czech Republic with a modern twist.
The initial idea for a new painting began with more of a concept art surreal space. I started the painting using ordinary fabric stapled onto a piece of plywood.
Phase two of the painting process.
At this point I was still in concept art mode, but started putting in the general shapes and color areas I ended up with once completing the painting.
Sometimes with my paintings, I get stuck on where to go next and let it sit for a couple days. After randomly flipping through photographs of my travels, I found a folder of cathedrals I've visited in the Czech republic. That was a turning point for this painting, changing it from the original idea of painting a concept art space, into more of an expressionistic cathedral.
Still working on the layout. I keep adding layers and painting over parts until I have something I'm happy with. I started using a lot of clear medium when adding layers, letting some of the painting beneath show through after the remodel.
Final painting after I stretched the canvas on a permanent frame.