"Cyclocracy" Campaign for Comune di Milano©

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  • Cyclocracy
    IED For Future special project

    Brief: Social print campaign that motivates people from Milan to switch for good to a better, healthier and cooler type of transport - bicycle.

    Target: entire Milan population, cyclists and drivers. 

    Solution: Showing a true fact what people could get and what they are missing when they are getting themselves a car.

    Concept: The serie of posters represent the idea of entire lifestyle that one cyclist have. People are different and so are their bicycles, interests and points of view. 

    Keywords: Unique, Independent, Fashionable, Creative.

    Look and Feel: Illusional, Eye tracking, Surprising.

    Tone of voice: Friendly, Informative, Dynamic.
  • Title: "Rinunciando all'auto, puoi avere molto di più. Scegli la bici."
    ("By leaving the car, you can have much more. Choose the bike")
    Client: Comune di Milano
    Art Direction: Karina Nurdinova
    Copywriting: Irene Accardo
    Brief Supervision: Aureliano Fontana, Bruno Vohwinkel 
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