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    I created several conceptions for the cyclist personal website, but at the end none of them was accepted. We decided to make a break and return to this website design later. Timofey is a great professional and the real strong man. I respect him and his wife Kate, who helps him is his profession - bicycle racing. 
  • The aim of the project was to create the personal website design for the famous Russian bicycle racer Timofey Kritsky. He is strong sportsman and wonderful soft friend at the same time. All his life goes around the cycling. Even his wife Kate is his personal manager. 

    We decided to make thin header and pay more attention to the footer of the site placing there a beautiful realistic illustration of the bicycle riding sports. First of all I made some quick sketches with the different composition. 
  • We decided to combine 1 and 3 variants, without drawing the close to us first plan. The idea was to combine several wonders of the world with the mountain landscape. Also Kate wanted clouds everywhere at the background. 
  • The result was very close to brief, but the customers realized that it's not the thing they wanted. Kate and Timofey asked me to make it brighter and to remove the monument in the center of the illustration. Ok. 

    The customers also asked me to place a biker icon nearby the name at the top and to change the font, as the previous one looked too fundamental. 
  • Here a realized that I don't like this variant and decided to make a completely new version. Customers thought the same. 
  • This is the sketchy variant of the conception I like still. But customers decided that it will be difficult to select the right bike parts to show them here, so we left this variant without any extension. 
  • Kate and Tim liked this variant more, so I started to work it out. 
    Customers also asked to remove the cutting at the top. 
  • Several things to change and add... 
    We thought of the importance of the blocks on the main page and changed the "Video" block to the "Advice to the young sportsmen" block. 
  • I added miniatures for the news block and we decided to use one of the real competitions photos instead of the collage. Suddenly Timofey confessed that he wants something completely different for his personal website, but he didn't realize what it could be even partly. So we decided to make a break for the season of races and return to this website design later. 
  • I would be glad if you comment and/or appreciate.