• This journal combines philosophical perspectives and social topics with the fascination of outer space exploration. The name 'Cyberhaze' stands for the invisible dust surrounding our society and our senses. This first issue is entirely dedicated to the topic of reality and perception. The alchemical symbols for air, aquavit and gold are the forces behind the three categories of philosophy, society and outer space exploration. Many on-topic illustrations and the emotionally charged photographs will accomplish the concept to a self-contained visual world. 
    A style-defining typeface was specially built for this project.
  • Picture Credits:

    p.2 Illustration by Andrew Brawl;
    p.6 photo by Matt Stroshane;
    p.8 first photo found on google.com, second photo by gettyimages.com;
    p.9, p.10, p.12, p.13, photos found on google.com;
    p.15, p.16, p.20, p.23, p.24, p.27 illustrations by Andrew Brawl;
    p.28 photo found on google,com;
    p.30, p.32, p.33, p.34 photos by Teresa Horstmann;
    p.36 illustration by Andrew Brawl;
    p.37, p.40 photos found on google.com;
    p.45 illustration by Andrew Brawl;
    p.48 photo by Andrew Brawl;
    p.49 photos found on cgtextures.com / wrongsideoftheart.com;
    p.50 illustration by Andrew Brawl;
    p.52 illustration by Andrew Brawl;
    p.53 photo found on 4chan.org;
    p.54, p.55, p.56 illustrations by Andrew Brawl;
    p.60, p.61, p.62, p.64 photos found on cgtextures.com;
    p.67, p.68, p.69, p.70, p.71 illustrations by Andrew Brawl;
    p.75 photo found on nasa.gov;
    p.76 illustration by Andrew Brawl;
    p.78 photo found on google.com.

  • © 2011 Andrew BrawlThank you for watching.