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    Project 1 for Advanced Problems in Graphic Design I at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Fall Semester 2012. Bruce Sachs.
Type With Objects
Advanced Problems in Graphic Design I | Bruce Sachs
UMSL Fall semester 2012
 For this project I took a 3D object (ribbon) and created a typeface out of it. My goal was to end up with a set of letters and numbers that had connotations which relate to something. I started out by looking at various calligraphy marks, typography posters and typeface design in general. In my process I looked at as many letter forms as possible and then mixed them together in my head and on paper to come up with a set of uniquely different forms. After sketching many letters and numbers I finally moved to actually making the forms out of ribbon. I photographed and photoshopped them for further use with the poster. I wanted the poster to have a Christmas/winter/holiday kind of theme so I decided to make my own snowflakes in ink as well as a snowman. I made a variety of ink drawings but I felt these would give the best connections for my theme.

For my secondary piece, I chose to make an Apple advertisement on the new MacBook Air which would display how my typeface could be used in a holiday ad.
Note: All product shots, other photos and Apple logo are copyrighted by Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved. This project does not reflect any ideas or actual design related to Apple Inc.

Type poster is inkjet printed on Epson Enhanced Matte Paper. (15x20)
Secondary piece is laser printed on #100 French's Paper (5X7; double sided)